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(note this is a description for the complete project)
Turtle Rush is a top down hardcore platformer taking aim to be the G rated dark souls of the genre.  The Story follows one turtles journey to uncover the mystery of why the seagulls have taken or killed the majority of the worlds turtles.  Join Oscar Green in his travel through 10 levels and 30+ challenge scenarios and battle the seagull menace.  Additionally go head to head against other players in a multiplayer competitive mode.

Common concerns or thoughts.  
1. Yes, you can mute the music and even alter the volume.  this can be done from the main menu or in game by pressing P.

2. Yes, you can in fact change the key mapping if W-A-S-D is uncomfortable there is no reason why you cannot use your num key.

3. If you would like to follow me you can do so at https://discord.gg/AxgAx95 or https://www.facebook.com/AmkzulMedia/

4. I will be releasing on steam and an other shop I can get my hands on and will keep this site updated as best I can.

Install instructions

Simply double click the executable and follow the instructions.  Enjoy and please feel free to comment and provide any feedback you like


TurtleRushInstaller.exe 1 GB

Development log


by Amkzul · 1 post
by Amkzul · 1 post
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